This time we are talking with Robert Garas, the purchasing and plant manager of Z-Door Ltd. at the company’s premises in Hódmezővásárhely. “Our enterprise started cooperating with Schachermayer Ltd. in the early 2010s. At that time, they were only one of the many suppliers we had for our purchases. However, in the first two years we managed to establish a very well-functioning partnership.

In early 2013, our company underwent structural changes. Its main profile became the construction of fire doors, interior design and custom furniture production beside general construction. These multifaceted areas of activity need suppliers of quality with a wide variety of products. That is when we decided to rationalize our material purchases as well, and we were only going to be in touch with some major companies. Schachermayer Ltd. was one of the first companies we chose as they had proven themselves over the years. Whether it is a kitchen with a lower value but demanding fittings, or a multi-million project, a very wide range of products and quick delivery has helped us with many constructions with tight schedules. With the help of their highly-trained colleagues, most of the time we are able to find the right solution for the practical implementation of building structures created by the designers. The last two and a half years of partnership re-affirmed our leadership that it was a good decision to establish a closer relationship with the Schachermayer team. “