The modernisation of the Florin Zrt. site has been carried out in several phases in the past period, and is still ongoing, thanks to the work of Z-Door Kft., our preferred specialist contractor partner for hall construction and general contracting and design work.

I phase: In just a few months, a new 1500 m2 production hall was completed, and new technologies were used to start manufacturing new types of products.

II phase: A new production hall of 5600 m2 has been built, and an old production hall is being renovated, by connecting the halls.

The first hall was a record-breaking hall construction, the result of a huge professional team effort. Imre Kendi, managing director of Z-Door Ltd, said that at the beginning of the pandemic, the investor asked them to start immediately, and to build very quickly. In just five weeks, this greenfield project was designed and built from scratch, to a very high standard. To date, this plant still meets a significant part of the country’s hand sanitizer needs.

Here our company used Swedsteel’s secondary structural profiles, not only because of the high quality of their products, but also because of the need to build a hall with enhanced fire safety, in order to accommodate the fire hazard chemical activity.

The sub-system of panels required special measurements in order to conform to the high fire resistance requirements for such cases.  We were able to provide a valuable engineering partner service, alongside our own services, which was also a source of pride for us.

The construction of the second hall, and the upgrades, have also been, and are currently being, carried out by Z-Door, who have already proven their expertise in creating the first hall, with incredible speed and quality. Here, for the large hall, they not only purchased the second-order structural profiles from our company, but also the high fire safety sandwich panels for the roof and facade.

The 24-metre-span main support structure is made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, on which Swedsteel panels, and sandwich panels, are mounted.

An interesting feature of the building complex is that it also includes a production pavilion, which consists of 4 smaller halls of 200 m2, integrated into one space. When fully assembled, the completed and planned constructions will together cover an area of ~10 000 m2.

Congratulations to Z-Door Ltd., to all our colleagues, and we would like to continue to benefit from the efficient manufacturer-designer-professional teamwork in many more joint projects!

More pictures of our halls: https://swedsteel-metecno.com/referencia-oldal-ipari/

Source: https://www.facebook.com/swedsteel/